Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back to Reality

I have a unique life. And don’t get me wrong, I love unique. I love that God made us all so different that on this planet of billions, not one person is alike.  I even love diversity, coming from a small town it was my favorite thing about college.  I’ve always felt quite different, but I SO love that about myself now. But there are days. There are days that I would love to just be. Not to be the mom, the wife, the school psychologist; just be. Not to have people look at me with sad eyes and say, “How’s Kennedy?”  Or a day when people don’t say, “You have 4 kids? I don’t know how you do it.”[insert pity face here] Sheesh! Don’t get me wrong, I love all five of my lovelies. They brighten my life and I wouldn’t want a life without any one of them in it. But just a break from the norm every now and then can be awesome.  I recently got a glimpse of a day like that. I got to celebrate a grad school friend’s birthday with her and some friends.  We laughed, shared old memories, and celebrated new ones. It was pretty great. Here are just a few pics…

But, now I’m back. In reality. Back to being mom, wife, school psychologist--me.  And after a brief break, I realize how much I SO love all of those titles. Wouldn’t be me without them. I can forget that from time to time. I can ignore that from time to time.  But I am so thankful that I have people that help me remember.


  1. Loved this post!! And I can so relate, except for the 4 kids part ;) Anyway I have a fellow 18q mom that just started talking with me via email, and she noticed your blog linked with mine. She is very interested in your family, because like you, she too has twins, and one was recently diagnosed with 18q-.

    She would very much like to get in touch with you, so I would love to pass on your information to her! If you want, you can just email me your email, and I'll pass it along to her (because all I have is your blog!) ali_pete83@hotmail.com

    Thanks! And I'm glad you got to have some fun sans kiddos (it is nice once and awhile!). And BTW, I think your kids are adorable!!!

  2. Ohh I can relate to this one too!! DH just took time off between jobs-this happens every 3 years or so-and it was awesome. Because we only have one kiddo, and tomorrow when he goes back to work is starting to feel like the first day of school for the both of us. (Not only did we take a vacation, he did a bunch of the hands on parenting this month-it was sweet!) But its back to the grind in the morning. I find myself wondering what I did when I was single and married without children. But I have faith that all my experiences before this were hopefully helping me be the best mom I can be now. Just have a hard time remembering it some days! : )

    I am really glad you were able to re-charge with friends. I was going to blog about the importance of stress relief for mommies, but got de-railed blogging about our first unexpected cast! (Ironic, huh?) Always something with our sweet kiddos.