Friday, November 19, 2010


I am actually carving out time to write today.  It has been way too long.  I think that one reason it is difficult for me to write is because it makes me think too much.  Writing forces me to be completely honest with myself and my feelings about my life.  I cannot live in the land of denial, when I'm forced to face it through writing.  So, I've put it off for far too long!

Just a few days ago I did some retrospection and realized something about myself. I have been trying to figure out for several months now what is wrong with me.  I have been depressed before, so I knew it wasn't that.  I just knew that I felt totally numb, apathetic, and a bit cynical.  I could not get out of my slump.  I was having a difficult time praying about it, which used to be my first course of action.  I didn't want to talk to anyone about it because I didn't think anyone would understand. Heck! I didn't even understand! I couldn't explain my feelings, I just knew that there was something wrong with me.  Then, after some prayer I realized that I had been in mourning.  I realized that I was going through the stages of grief.  I had been grieving all these months and not realized it.  This had never occurred to me before! I never considered that I had anything to grieve about.  After all, I have a great, loving family.  I'm healthy (reasonably). I have a husband who loves me and my children and would do anything for us.  I have a good job with co-workers I consider my friends.  So, what in the world do I have to grieve about?   Then I got real with myself and realized I was grieving for the life I thought I would have.  I was grieving for my child and her multiple disabilities.  I was grieving for the life I thought she'd have.  Grieving for the times that we can't be together as I imagined we should be as a family.  For the times when we're all sent in different directions just to be able to manage. 

It never occurred to me that a parent would grieve a loss when their child is present with them everyday.  Then I googled it (thank goodness for google huh?).  And I found that I'm not the only one.  As alone as I may feel sometimes.  I am not the only one.  Then, I talked to my husband a little bit and realized that he had been grieving too.  How dare me feel all alone on this big planet when I had someone in the under the same roof as me, in my very own bed, who was going through the exact same thing?

So instead of letting this grief overtake us and divide us, we are choosing to let it bring us together. 
We spent hours talking the other night just about the most random things.  It started with an argument
and ended in us being closer and feeling closer than we have in a long time.  He says I never
 write about him on my blog.  But, I love that man!  He is my rock. my love. my partner. 
I am truly blessed.

I would like to think that my grieving is over, but I am not completely sure.  I know that I feel better than I have in a long time, but I want to be honest with myself.  I continue to pray for my baby's healing as I love her through all of this.  Pray for us and I'll pray for you.

Kennedy Update:  She was supposed to have surgery yesterday, but the surgeon's office called to cancel due to an emergency in his family.  I was so upset that I cried.  The lady kept telling me how it was out of their control & there was nothing they could do, but I was probably crying because it was out of my control and there was nothing I could do.  I have waited for her to have this tethered cord surgery since April or May.  They were booked for the summer.  She was not well in August, then again in Sept. and now we've rescheduled again.  I cannot even explain all that goes into preparing 6 people for that surgery.  There are out of town family members, packing, school pick-up arrangements, disappointed children, anxiety, and even more that is involved with going to a hospital out of town.  Then, there's the issue of keeping Kennedy completely well for 2 more weeks!  No small feat there.  But, we'll do our best.  We are just praying that when she does have the surgery the timing will be right and all will go well.  We are also praying that this surgery will have a big impact on her constipation (sorry!) and motor functioning.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Just Pictures

It's crazy at my house right now and Kennedy is not feeling well.  So, just pictures today.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Praise Report

So, I have a praise report regarding Kennedy.  Since birth, Kennedy has had a lot of hearing problems.  She failed the newborn screening that she had before she left the hospital.  Then, they scheduled a follow-up and she failed that one as well.  They said that it could be because her ears were so small and her ear canals were tiny, not to mention she has the cleft palate, so they then scheduled another follow-up, which she failed again.  And I'm not sure if she actually failed, or they just couldn't get a good reading.  So, then we were referred for actual testing in Louisville because anything this small town has to do besides check-ups with Kennedy, they get afraid and send us elsewhere.  Which, doesn't bother me or my husband because we know that the folks out of town specialize in working with children.

Anyway, Kennedy failed their hearing test and got PE tubes.  When she went for a follow-up appointment months later, she failed again, they checked the ears, could not find the tubes & she got a 2nd set.  So, to this day Kennedy has failed multiple screenings and hearing tests.  So, needless to say, we were really concerned about her hearing.  Here she was, 18 months old not making one consonant sound.  Every noise that came out of her mouth was just infinite vowel babbling noises.  She was tested for speech services and qualified with no problem.  As a parent, that was very difficult to deal with and as a school psychologist it was heart-wrenching.  This is because I know that the longer a child cannot hear during those critical stages of development, the more it affects their speech later.  And I know that Kennedy already has several hurdles to overcome without adding to it the hurdle of being difficult to understand, which can also make it difficult for reading.  So I prayed for her hearing, prayed for her speech and prayed for her development.

I don't know about other places, but here we go to church on Sunday mornings and Sunday nights.  A couple of weeks ago at our Sunday morning service they announced that our Sunday night service would focus on healing.  Needless to say that was a service that I couldn't miss.  At the service we had Kennedy's hearing prayed for and her speech.  After they prayed for her, I talked to God and told him that I wanted to hear Kennedy make some kind of consonant noise and respond to music before the week was over.  I really wanted to stretch my faith and believe for those things that I've been waiting to see. 

Kennedy has a Jumperoo that she bounces in and plays in.  And that thing plays music while she's playing with it and sometimes plays music just when someone passes it.  Well a few days after the service, someone passed the Jumperoo, it started playing music, and Kennedy started clapping.  Clapping! I couldn't believe it.  It took us forever to get her to start clapping, and now clapping to music!!  And since then she's started bouncing and moving her legs to music.  Happy Happy Joy Joy!  Then, on top of that, a few days after the clapping we were in the car and she started saying "mamamamama".  My sister looked at me and I looked at her like, did Kennedy just say mama?  Then she said it again!  Ever since then, she's been saying it every day.  Just mama mama mama.  I love it!  Don't know if she's calling me or just babbling, but frankly I don't care.  My prayers have literally been answered for my baby.  Now, on to expecting bigger and greater things for her.

Also, she's had another appointment and she finally passed her hearing test (in the left ear).  Even though its only in one ear, that's progress that we'll be glad to take.  Our God is an Awesome God!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

No surgery...again

Where has the time gone?  I'm not sure.  It's been so long since I've posted anything.  We've had so much going on that I don't even think I could write it all. 

We've been busy, busy busy now that work and school are back in session.  Homework. Reports. Deadlines. Dr appointments. Sports. Ugh!  I get tired just thinking about it all.

My family and I have been going through a bit of a difficult time.  After all, it's not easy in a family of 6.  Meanwhile, I have been feeling like sort of a shell of myself.  Its kind of like I've been watching my life from above.  Like I haven't really been living my life or have only been present for glimpses of it.  Not sure where this recent feeling is coming from and I don't even have the energy to guess.  But, overall we are all healthy, we're all getting along great and we're making it.  We know how blessed we are and we know things could always be much worse.  Just continue to pray for us please.

Kennedy update--she did not have her surgery on Sept. 9th.  She was not feeling well again and had a cough.  We are frustrated to say the least and ready for the surgery (tethered cord surgery).  The surgery was rescheduled for a day in Nov.  She is feeling well now though.  And by feeling well I just mean no cough.  Recently I've been worried about her muscles though.  She is growing and getting taller, but she doesn't seem to be getting stronger.  She is starting to refuse to bear any weight on her legs and she gets tired and starts crying after sitting on the floor for only short periods.  She also has bouts where she cries and is fussy for a whole day or two and we can't figure out what's wrong with her.  She's still only drinking Pediasure with fiber and eating no solids--she's 19 months.  She does have interest in solids, but she can't tolerate anything of any size without choking or just letting it fall from her mouth.  But, this past Sunday she ate a few bites of mashed potatoes and it. was. awesome!  I'm still waiting on kisses and dancing to music and consonant sounds.  Those are my top three.  Crawling would be great too, but those are my top 3.  But, until those come I will be thankful for smiles that tell me she knows I'm her Mommy and my giggles that she gives me freely. Love that girl!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Surgery

(Originally posted 08-20-10)  Sooooooooooo, we got all the way to Louisville, after a 2.5 hour drive. We arrived at 3:30 am, slept for 3 hours on my sister's couch and got up bright and early to go to the hospital. Kennedy had been weighed, measured, on monitors, and family in place when the anesthesiologist came in and announced that the surgery would not be happening. Yeah, that's right NO SURGERY!! Apparently they have a policy of waiting 2 weeks after a respiratory infection before they will conduct any type of surgery. Kennedy was hospitalized for a respiratory infection 1 week ago and she still had a small cough. So, NO SURGERY! It was funny because they asked my husband how long Kennedy's had the cough and he replied, "all her life".

We were informed that we would have to do this whole production all over again in 3 weeks. Pack 6 people for 4 days. Take off work. Get sitters for the other children. Make reservations at the Ronald McDonald House. Have family come from Madisonville & Indianapolis. Reschedule meetings all over again in 3 weeks. No problem we said (actually we didn't, we fussed, then complied).

So, our journey continues on Sept. 9th. Thanks for all the messages, emails, text messages, calls, and prayers from you all.

Love you guys,

The Price Family

Next Journey

(Originally posted 08-18-10)  This post is going to be quick, so that means probably full of errors. We are continuing our marathon in the Kennedy race. To update the 4 people that actually read this blog: Two weeks ago I had to take Kennedy to Louisville to have a sedated CT scan and x-ray. The CT scan is something that her neurologist requires before performing surgery. Last week she was in the hospital for 2 days for an upper respiratory infection and asthma. She is home now and doing quite well. She is having surgery on her spine in the morning. I should be on my way to Louisville right now, but I've procrastinated as usual and I'm not even at home packing. I was assuming (and you know what happens when you assume) that the surgery was outpatient because we're registering at the Outpatient floor and the doctor's office never told me otherwise. Well, I called the doctor's office after my husband urged me to in order to find out what time we'll probably be going home. That's when they told me that the surgery would require a 2-3 day stay in the hospital. WHAT!!! 2-3 days? I had not planned on 2-3 days. I had planned on going up the night before and leaving the day of surgery. That's what happens when you assume.

The nurse I talked to was very nice. We even talked about my daughter's birthday party, which is supposed to be this Saturday. "Should I cancel the birthday party? My other daughter is turning 4 and it's on her actual birthday." She informed me that I should in fact cancel the birthday party. The party I can cancel, the birthday I cannot. I have never been away from any of my children on their birthday. I am their mom after all. What to do? I have meetings scheduled for Friday--- you know, the day after I thought I was coming back. This change in plans has thrown me way off. So now, I have to figure out what to do with my other 3 kids, what to do about Destiny's birthday party, cancel my testing at work, get someone to cover my meetings, do my paperwork before my meetings, pack for 5 people for 4 days. Can you say AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Thank God that I have some of THE best family there is to have. Thank God I work with some of the BEST people there are to work with. They love God. They love me. They want what's best for me and my family. It's awesome! God knew what He, in His infinite wisdom, was doing when He put me in this family. He knew what He was doing when He put me in this job. I have had many opportunities to leave my job and leave my hometown, but it has not been God's will. He has shown me time and time again that He will bless me for staying in His will. "For all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose." Don't know if I quoted that correctly. Don't care. And don't have time to look it up. All I know is that I am called for His purpose and things are, and will, work together for my good.

Continue to pray for me and my family. We'll take all the prayers we can get. Pray for my baby Kennedy and her surgery. After the surgery she has to stay on her belly for 24 hours and if you know Kennedy, getting her to lie on her belly for 24 minutes is a task! She will cry. She will whine. She will scream. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth involved, and that will be her parents! So, again, please pray for us all. Pray for our journey.

Thank you and God bless you on YOUR journey!

Get to know us

(Originally posted 07-27-10)  I am learning that keeping up with a blog takes some work! I don't think I realized what I was getting myself into. And the intimidation! Wasn't prepared for that. So many great blogs out there with so many followers. But, that is not the motivation for me.

I started this blog as a form of release, but not just that. I realized (actually I was told) that I am a difficult person to get to know. When I first heard that, I didn't know how to take it. Be offended? Disagree? Maybe. But, then I thought about it and realized that there was truth to it. So, I am using this blog as a way for people to get to know more about me and my family. This is not easy for me because as one who is difficult to get to know, I am a guarded person. I am private not because I want to keep secrets or keep people out, but it has definitely become my defense mechanism for me. I am terribly afraid of rejection. And, as one who is afraid of rejection, to me rejection comes in many forms. It could be anything from the person at Wal-Mart who does not return my smile and wave to the least little thing such as someone who looks at me strangely when I share my point of view. Is that rejection? Not sure. Anyway, I have decided that this blog is a way for me to safely let people in to my world.

Another reason I started this blog is because I wanted to be able to share what's going on with Kennedy. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me, "How's Kennedy?" Well, let's just say I'd be on vacation right now. But, I found that I either didn't tell the whole story because I had to tell it so much, or was telling part of what happened to some people and other parts to other people. When you have as much going on as we do, it can get discouraging dredging up the same sad stories over and over.

Sharing parts of myself is not that easy for me to do so I'm asking my readers (if I have any) to bear with me. Nevertheless I am learning that, the more I blog the easier it gets and the better I feel about sharing my life. Life is a journey, but that journey is what you make it. I don't want to die with only a couple of people knowing the real me. So, feel free to email me or ask me questions or leave me comments. I am not offended easily and have never minded be asked questions. God bless you!

Drive me Crazy

(Originally posted 7-21-10) Today I am back at work, somewhat in the swing of things, I guess. I can tell by today that I am not ready. I miss my babies! They drive me crazy while I'm there, but I miss them when I'm not there. Knowing how much I do miss them when we're apart is part of what keeps me sane when we're together, if that makes any sense to anyone. I mean, our house is HECTIC (part of that poor planning and housekeeping on my part, I'll admit), but that's what I'm used to now. I always tell people I do less work at work than I do at home.

I keep telling my husband that I would love to work part-time to be able to stay at home with the kids and do everything that keeping up with home requires. Just keeping up with Kennedy and her appointments is a full-time job. For instance, I keep saying that I am going to start a medical journal for her so that when we go to the dr. and they ask me a question such as, "When did Kennedy get her first set of tubes?" I will actually have an answer for them instead of my usual deer-in-headlights look. Then I embarrassingly reply, "We go to the doctor a lot." I would like to have access to that type of information when I need it. So, I pledge to start a medical journal for my baby Kensie as soon as I'm done with the housework. (Which, if you know me, that will be a long while.)

Random Thoughts #1

What in the world made me have 4 kids? My husband and I ask ourselves this all the time. It took a long time for us to adjust to life as a family of 6. The twins were born just a few months after we were married, so needless to say, no honeymoon, no fairytale wedding. Nevertheless, we continue to be blessed every day. Our life is certainly an adventure! We could easily be a hit reality show with loads of drama. But, no way could I put my life out there for the world to see! No way! But, I have noticed that the older I get, the less I care about what other people think. There's no such thing as the perfect family or the perfect mother. I certainly don't fit that description. But, I do love my kids and they're happy and healthy. I try my best every day and that's all you can do right?

Hip Brace

(originally posted on 7-20-10)  Okay, so the next phase of our journey with Kennedy has begun. She went to the dr. on July 6th who did an x-ray of her hips. We were told that she has tight adductor muscles, whatever that means, and one arch is higher than the other. So, they recommended a hip brace for her. She's very tiny, so I can't imagine this tiny child with a huge hip brace. But, we'll see!

Well, today Kennedy got her hip brace. It's not too bad actually. I'll have to upload pics soon. It fits really well. I'm not exactly sure what it does, but we'll see. A different dr. that she saw today also recommended that she be followed for her hearing. They could not get conclusive results on her hearing test in her right ear today. She's never passed a hearing test since she's been born and she's had at least 5 that I can think of. Here in KY we have the Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs. I don't know what other states have this program, but it's great! They have specialty clinics for kids with special needs and it is all income-based. Every day is a different clinic. So, today we went to the craniofacial clinic and there were only kids with special craniofacial needs there. Kennedy is currently in the craniofacial clinic, orthopedic clinic, neurosurgical clinic, and they told us today that they want to add the otology clinic. Today, they also recommended that Kennedy begin seeing a speech therapist for speech/language as well as feeding and swallowing. They are very concerned that she is not yet drinking from a sippy cup, which is apparently delaying her cleft palate repair. Since she has a 1st Steps meeting tomorrow, this should be easy to add. The only thing is adding another service will decrease her current services. I don't think she can really stand to decrease OT or PT. We'll have to think about that one.

Though I do love the CCSHCN, it is in Louisville, which is an hour ahead of us. They usually start the clinics at 9 so we have to leave the house by about 5:00 am. We also have to figure out what to do with the other 3 kids. Sometimes we take her twin brother, other times one of us just takes Kennedy and the other stays with the kids. Today, I took Kennedy to Louisville for 2 appointments and my husband stayed home with the kids. Then, I rushed back so that he could make football practice by 6. It's a huge hassle, but it's definitely worth it. We're definitely blessed to have a program like this in our state, even if it is 2 and 1/2 hours away.

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Blog

I have moved from Wordpress to Blogger.  Not that I didn't like Wordpress, but Blogger is easier to understand, cuter, and easier to connect with people.  So, I'm here.  I love pictures, so I'll be adding those frequently!


So, anyone that knows me knows that I have 4 kids. Chris is 6, Destiny is 3 and the twins, Kadence and Kennedy are 1. Pretty much all of my life, I thought that I was only going to have 2 kids. After Destiny, since I had a boy and a girl already, I didn't want anymore kids. I actually had an appointment to get an IUD when I found out I was pregnant with twins.

The day I took the pregnancy test for the twins, I didn't really expect that I was pregnant. My then boyfriend, now husband, had a hunch and really encouraged me to take it. It was one of the tests where two lines are supposed to show. Well, on mine, only 1 line came up. The thing about it was that the line that came up was the 2nd line, not the 1st line. I was freakin out!!!! I thought for sure that this meant that I wasn't pregnant, but I wasn't sure. So, my boyfriend and I actually called the number on the box. I never knew that people actually did that, but I did. The guy on the phone pretty much confirmed that I was pregnant. He said, it doesn't matter what the 1st window shows, but if anything at all shows up in that 2nd window... Yeah. Pregnant.

After this news I was in major denial. I already had 2 kids out of wedlock, and I was not looking forward to a 3rd. I didn't know how to take the news, so I did nothing. I pretended as though the pregnancy test had not happened. I didn't go to the doctor, I didn't take vitamins, I didn't tell anyone, nothing. I acted as though nothing had happened until a girl at work had figured out I was pregnant after I threw up on the side of the road. She encouraged me to go to the doctor and gave me the name of her friend's doctor.

That 1st doctor's appointment, I thought the dr. was just going to confirm to me that I wasn't pregnant. After all, the pregnancy test was botched and the throwing up on the side of the road could have just been dismissed as nausea from the heat. Right? Anyway, the dr. instead confirmed that I was pregnant. Since I wasn't exactly sure of my due date, she gave me an ultrasound to check.

I will NEVER forget that 1st ultrasound. The ultrasound tech asked me how I felt about twins. I thought she was just making small talk and didn't really answer this seemingly rhetorical question, that is until she asked again. The ultrasound tech was telling me that she saw two fetuses. I told her that this was not possible because twins did not run in my family. She told me she'd check again, but that she was fairly certain of what she'd seen. I screamed on the inside and cried on the outside. Tears just trickled down my face. I was so upset by this news, that after the ultrasound the tech sent a doctor to talk to me and explain what it means to be pregnant with twins.

To the doctor, being pregnant with twins meant more appointments, more cautious caretaking, and lots of vitamins. For me, being pregnant with twins went much deeper. I was already a single mom of 2 with a full-time job. I knew I had no room, no time, for twins in my life. But, many appointments and 2 months of bedrest later, Kadence and Kennedy were born. They were immediately sent to the NICU for monitoring. Kadence, a healthy 6 lbs. and 14 oz. was released from the NICU within hours. Kennedy, a weaker 4 lbs. 3 oz. ended up spending her 1st 3 weeks of life in the NICU.

I remember those days as hectic and sad. I would like to think of those days as good times, but I'm just being honest. We had 4 kids, 1 of whom was in the hospital, and 1 vehicle between us. It has hard work getting to the hospital to see Kennedy. It seemed as though every time we went to visit Kennedy in the NICU the doctors were telling us about some new problem they'd found with her. She was born with a cleft palate and a heart murmur. The heart murmur on further review, ended up being 2 tiny holes in her heart. She also was not taking in nutrients as quickly as they would have liked and had to be fed through tubes. We also received a letter from the state saying that Kennedy's mandatory blood test after birth came up as positive in an unknown area. She had such a weak cry and weak muscle tone, but she was a doll. She was like a living doll that God had taken down right from heaven and placed in an incubator for us.

To this day, Kennedy has been in the hospital 7 times for various things. She is now on her 2nd set of ear tubes. She has had pneumonia, swine flu, strep throat, and various other illnesses. She is scheduled to have surgery on her spine to release nerves that have bunched up along her spinal cord. She receives physical therapy, occupational therapy, developmental intervention, and feeding therapy. The letter we received was followed up and concluded that Kennedy is missing a piece of her 18th chromosome. They call it 18q chromosome deletion. Because Kennedy's condition is so rare, the doctors don't really know what to expect with her. They simply treat things as they arise. Even with all her illnesses and various conditions, Kennedy has taught me a great deal more than I could ever teach her. I used to hear people on tv say that and never knew what it meant until now. She is the sweetest baby I have ever known. She teaches me patience and humility in ways I had not known. She is truly our angel!

Our life continues to be hectic, but it is filled with joy. God blesses us immeasurably on a daily basis. He shows us his favor and love and keeps us all going. Just when we start to get weak, he fills our tanks and lets us press on. He continues to abundantly exceed anything we can ask or think. We know that Kennedy's life will be a testimony that our family will be able to share with others.

Are we all Judgmental

(Originally posted on 06-14-10)  Life is crazy. I'm learning more and more about myself as the years go on. You would think that by 30 one would have something figured out. But, no. Am I changing? Are my opinions changing? Or am I just beginning to learn the real me? It's a mystery.

One thing that I learned in one of my psych classes that always stuck with me was the fact that in times of stress we tend to judge ourselves by external factors, while we judge others by internal qualities. For example, if a person is late for a meeting or doesn't contribute to a project, we think of that person as lazy or irresponsible. But, if we're late for a meeting or do less than our part, we are quicker to say that it was the traffic, or home stress, etc. That's interesting to me. I've thought long and hard about this for some time. I hope that just by being aware of this fact it makes me less judgmental, but probably not. I think that this is just one of our coping mechanisms. Because if we truly knew how selfish, uncaring, or inconsiderate we could be, it would be a total overload to our systems. So we continue to pass incorrect judgment where it does not belong and think highly of ourselves when we do not deserve it. I am beginning to learn that this is a part of life. Selah.


(Originally posted on 06-10-10)  Ok, so I watched this documentary this morning called "Prom in Mississippi". I actually cried watching it. It made me so sad. It was about a high school in Mississippi that wanted to have 2 proms, a white prom and a mixed prom. Several of the students there wanted to have at least 1 prom that the black students couldn't attend. The black students and their parents were told that if they attended this prom the police would be called, not that any of the black kids wanted to attend anyway.

So, if you're like me you would think that this documentary was filmed back in the 70's or maybe even the early 80's. But, no, it was actually filmed in 2008. 2008! To me this is a time when the views of a minority actually affected the majority. And, to add fuel to fire, it was mainly the parents that wanted the segregation. First of all, what type of high school administration would allow this to happen? I was really appalled at the level of accepted racism in that town. It was like every one knew that the whites were racist, and that's just the way it was. One girl even talked about not being able to get a job at a few places in town because she had black friends. Maybe the administration didn't allow it and the parents just paid for a separate building and separate prom. Maybe, hopefully, I have this part wrong. Parents and students both gave interviews talking about the racism they were taught as a kid. Sad. Racism is just allowed to perpetuate from generation to generation. But, I thought it was strange that none of the parents who put on the "White Prom" would do a camera interview. They had a parent meeting that they wouldn't allow cameras to show and then they threatened to call the police if any cameras showed up at their "White Prom". Seems to me that if you're bold enough to exclude an entire group of people based solely on their race, then you should be bold enough to let those people know who you are. How cowardly of you to be a racist behind closed doors!

The bright spot in the movie was the 1 interracial couple of the whole high school. They were really worried about going to prom together and being seen together. They talked about the fact that they have to be very careful if they're ever seen out in public. They don't hold hands or hug in public or around their own school. Then just when you, the viewer, starts to think, Why don't they just let this relationship go? you really get it. You really get that they're in love and to them being with that person is worth the stares, the dirty looks, and the threats. Instead of those parents focusing on who's going to what prom, perhaps they would benefit from focusing on a couple who could teach a thing or two about love.


(Originally posted on 06-09-10) I guess it's official. I am officially blogging. I can't believe it, because I am not much of a writer, but I do enjoy reading and I consider writing to be a form of release. I can't imagine that anyone would actually follow my blog or anything, but maybe I can connect with other people. I considered writing a blog when I thought about all I have to say and how little I actually say. 2010 is up and buzzing, I just hope I can keep up!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Hello All!  I have just moved over from so bear with me.  I am changing my page slowly but surely.