Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Don’t really know what I’m going to write about today.  Not that my life hasn’t been eventful, it’s just a matter of choosing which events to write about.  Right now, 3 of the 4 kids are under the weather.  Christopher has the flu, Destiny has an ear infection, and Kennedy’s just feeling yucky.  Half the time we don’t really know what’s wrong with her, but we definitely know when she’s not feeling well.  We will be so grateful when she can actually communicate with us and tell us what is hurting her.  Right now we get lots of whining and lots of crying, especially in the middle of the night, when she’s not feeling well.  It’s a guessing game that requires us to cooperate in ways we never imagined.
BTW, Kennedy's surgery went great.  The doctor said that once he “got in there”, the tethering was minor.  The doctors and staff at the hospital were great.  We only had once nurse that didn’t get it, but overall, it was fine. She is recovering well.  Kennedy update:  Her tethered cord release went well.  She was supposed to get tubes in her ears a few weeks ago, but was not feeling well enough for surgery.  She does not get to see her cleft palate doctor until April, which we’re pretty annoyed about since we’ve BEEN ready for the palate to be repaired!  We’re praying that it’s all in God’s timing though.
On a personal note, I am feeling so spiritually full and encouraged!  We have been going through a bit of a revival of sorts at our church lately.  God has been doing awesome things!  I keep getting confirmation after confirmation of His love for me.  I don’t take any of it for granted.  I’m so thankful for the people that He’s placed in our lives.  I read this quote by Maya Angelou:  To be charitable with gestures and words can bring enormous joy and repair injured feelings.  That said a mouthful for me!  Her writing was discussing the difference between philanthropy and charity.  She discussed how philanthropy usually comes in the form of gifts and/or money, but charity can come in all forms.  How it does come in all forms for our family!  From the kind word, to the heartfelt smile, to the offer for babysitting, and even money!  I just pray that I am able to be as charitable, or more, to others as others have been to me.  We know from the Bible that the root of charity is love.  And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these [is] charity.” –I Corinthians 13:13

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday Pictures

 One of the pics from our Christmas card.

 Christmas Eve they got to open their Christmas jammies

 Happy 7th birthday to Christopher whose stuck with a December birthday.

 This is my beautiful family (minus 1 nephew).  The two in the middle are my parents.

 This is my sister and nephew.  Thank God for them!

 Kennie Bug

 Kadence and his mischevious look. Better believe he's plotting something.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Destiny

I'm so excited about my destiny.  I'm so excited about what the future holds for me and my family that at times it feels as though I will burst.  I was reading a fellow mom's blog when one of the quotes caught my eye.  It said, "Destiny appoints one, but affects many... your destiny will always involve a group of people." (Thanks Allison) To me that line was so awesome!  It reminds me that it's not about me.  MY own journey is not about me and I'm so glad!  I'm so glad to be doing this for others and not just myself.  I've always known that my life would have a great purpose.  I don't say that to be conceited at all, but it's always been a knowing between myself and God that I would do great things for His purpose. Those things may not be on a national scale, but great things in His eyes, nonetheless.

Even from the time I was a small child I felt the difference in me.  I did not always appreciate that difference, but I knew it was there.  I even remember a time as a teenager that I prayed that God would harden my heart, not to the point of cruelty, but just to the point where things wouldn't affect me so deeply.  Just to the point where I wouldn't be so sensitive about things that most people don't even think about.  I was born with such an empathetic heart that it gets exhausting at times.  For my good, but for His glory.  Let's just say a harder heart is not His will concerning me.  I feel so blessed to be in a position that I am finally ready to hear what He has for me to do.  I've been taking care of my own agenda for quite some time now and it's time to reign it in.  I've been humbled to a point where I can do NOTHING but depend on Him.  He knew when He called me that this would not be easy for me.  A strongly independent woman having to depend on others for so much.  A helper having to ask for help.  An inherently shy person being able to share my life and story with others.  But those things are part of the process, I'm sure of it.

My family and I have been so blessed this holiday season.  We all had a great Christmas and everyone was well!  I usually don't ask for anything for Christmas, but this year I asked for a new camera (ok, picked out a camera) and got it.  But, not only did I get that, but I got things that no one but God knew I even wanted.  That's how much my God cares about me.  I'm so very blessed. And the kids were so appreciative of everything, which is something I'm always talking to them about.  Not one complaint on Christmas morning without even being reminded.  That just blessed my soul.  I was able to bless my husband with things he needed as well.  He doesn't ever ask for much.  Actually all he asked for were t-shirts and socks, which made me want to bless him all the more.  We've come a long way as a family.  Having 6 people under one roof can be overwhelming, but I cannot imagine our lives without all 6.